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Katy Tahja, Gallery Bookshop & Bookwinkle’s Children’s Books, Mendocino, CA


Independents are the Iggy Pop of the book biz–on the edge, a little dangerous, cooler than you will ever think of being, and still alive despite the odds. They are the front porch, the off-ramp, the scenic route, the handshake agreement. Independents understand that books have souls. They put their ears to the bindings the way children put their ears to shells and hear the beating heart inside. And they treat our books accordingly, handing them off lovingly to others with a passionate appeal: ‘This one . . .listen . . .'

Libba Bray, author of Rebel Angels


You can influence the fate of independent businesses. Take your custom to places where people know your name and share your love of books and reading.

Tony Miksak, bookseller emeritus


Nearly forty years of writing and illustrating books have taught me that my most loyal fans are independent bookstores. It is here that I most often find my books. They are friendly places where, always to my surprise, I am known and welcomed. And it is here that I am most likely to find staff who have actually read my books and looked at the illustrations. With one or two exceptions, I seldom ever find my books on the shelves of the big chain stores, and if they are there they will be removed from the shelves and returned after a brief time. Best of all, I find more opportunities to meet my readers at independent bookstores, because they are the most creative and enthusiastic about arranging events like signings and book talks.

So, rather than sell books to you, I ask that you buy my books at a locally owned, independent bookstore. If you do not have one in your community, visit this American Booksellers Association site:

And if used or out of print books are what you are looking for go to


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