Superpower: The Making of a Steam Locomotive

David R. Godine, 1987

Bronze Medal, The International Book Design Exhibition, Leipzig, 1989

American Institute of Graphic Arts Exhibition, 1992

Weitzman’s gorgeous, superdetailed line drawings turn Superpower into something rare and wonderful. Through his art [he] wants us to see something profound: that this locomotive is itself a piece of art, that all the people who made her are artists.

William L. Withuhn, Curator, Smithsonian Institution

The author imparts a stirring sense of the greatness of the enterprise, and of what we have lost.

American Heritage

The details are lovingly brought out, the drafting and the mathematics, the smelting of steel, the casting and machining and the interface of men with a steadily emerging technology. The writing is fresh and the story has humorous touches; at the end young Ben gets a raise–to 30 cents an hour.

Christian Science Monitor